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DatePress Release
1999-12-01OptiServer v5.3 for Compaq Tru64 on AlphaServer
1999-11-29OptiStorm a Core Component in Medical Imaging Storage
1999-11-25OptiStorm Storage Management Solution for Windows 2000
1999-09-26KOM sets standard with OptiStorm 4.0
1999-05-21OptiStorm v3.6
1999-03-01OptiStorm NT for CD-ROM
1999-02-23Westbrook, Informix & KOM Solve Document Management
1998-11-12OptiStorm version 3.5
1998-10-01Hyland Software Inc. Certifies KOM Networks as MO Storage Management Partner
1998-09-28New Release of OptiServer 5.0
1998-05-15Westbrook Technologies Certifies KOM Software
1998-05-04KOM Networks certifies Sony 5.2GB MO and WORM Optical Drive
1998-04-30InterTech Selects KOM Storage Management Software
1998-04-20OptiStorm® for Windows v3.1 Optical Jukebox Management Software
1998-03-18Filemark Corporation Selects KOM Networks as Storage Management Partner
1998-01-01OptiStorm® for Windows NT v2.5 Optical Jukebox Management Software
1997-05-01KOM Optistorm® - State of the Art Optical Storage Manager
1997-01-14KOM Networks Announces the Release of OptiServer CD for Kubik CD-ROM Disk Changer
1996-12-10KOM Networks announces Optical Jukebox Support for Windows NT 4.0
1996-04-02KOM Networks OptiFile PD/CD for UNIX VMS and Windows NT
1996-03-20KOM Networks announces Support for OptiFile and OptiServer for OpenVMS 7.0
1995-09-11KOM supports VMS 6.2 and OpenVMS 6.2
1995-09-01OptiServer for Windows NT a State-of-the-Art Optical Jukebox Software
1995-01-31KOM Networks announces support for Plasmon 703 Multi-series Optical Jukebox