1969Company founded by Kenneth O. Mair. First generation multiplexers developed for DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) computer systems.
1983KOM Networks pioneers OptiFile a VMS based storage management software enabling Direct-Write to Magneto-Optical (MO) disk for data archive and compliance.
1986KOM Networks releases OptiServer UNIX based storage management software for archiving, access and protection of mission critical data on optical media and jukeboxes.
1991Taher Shaath joins the company as CEO and is instrumental in transforming KOM Networks into a global leader in the design and development of data storage, protection and preservation software technologies and solutions.
1992Breaks new ground with technology for optical write-once (WORM) tape.
1995KOMworx OptiStorm adds what Microsoft forgot. It combines all the benefits of removal storage while emulating the access, convenience and functionality of hard disk drives.
1999First Storage Management Solution for Windows 2000.
2000Advances Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) strategies with software to extend Virtualization and Automated Policy-Based File Management across different technologies, storage area networks (Fibre Channel SAN) and removable storage solutions.
2001First Virtual Storage Repository that scales to 500 petabytes and cutting-edge technology for the desktop to fully protect user files on their PCs. OptiWorx and ShieldWorx first shipped.
2002First-of-its-kind software solution, KOMworx, allows enterprises to make the most of existing storage resources and creates a strategic platform for managing future growth. Fixed Content Archiving software with enhanced security features, extended file & directory protection and privacy access control providing resilient and robust data security.
2004KOM Networks adds additional building blocks to its Information Lifecycle Management Technology Strategy with patents for Random Access on Sequential Storage, an embedded indexing mechanism that keeps track of the data on sequential media, enabling faster data location and retrieval; and Accessing Removable Storage Media for maintaining a permanent path to data stored on removable media that will never change.
2005Patents cutting-edge technology that enables compliance automatically by restricting operations such as file delete and file overwrite to preserve data authenticity and integrity.
2006Originator of File Replication technology that enables organizations to maintain multiple copies of files concurrently on various storage devices, providing a higher level of business continuity and optimizing disaster recovery. Supports financial, healthcare and legal organizations compliance with government regulations such as SEC, HIPAA, SOX, FDA and others.
2006First ever hard disk archiving (e-WORM) solution integrated with Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 to transform standard disk hardware into non-rewriteable, non-erasable storage media, enabling companies to meet stringent compliance regulations such as HIPAA, SEC 17a-4, Sarbanes-Oxley, DoD 5015.2, and NASD.
2006KOM Networks recognized by Microsoft with Storage Solutions Excellence Award for Advanced Infrastructure Solutions.
2007KOM and EqualLogic deliver iSCSI archiving solution providing customers the means to archive data on hard disk in an unalterable format over SANs and achieve compliance.
2008KOMpliance brings the best affordable storage technology to the small and medium business market.
2009Creative Junk-A-Juke Upgrade program turns end-of-life technology into food for hungry children in our own communities and around the world at no cost to participants.