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KOMpliance software creates a safety net around data; safeguarding data privacy and security, enforcing data protection and encryption. Built-in N-directional replication provides high-availability to simplify disaster recovery. Running on Microsoft Windows Server or Virtual machines, KOMpliance software does not require any hardware, and protects data using existing infrastructure.

The primary focus of KOMpliance is to protect data and address business continuity requirements including accessibility, availability and compliance. Much of the information that companies depend on will outlast the infrastructure, meaning that data will have to be moved. KOMpliance is designed to ensure that data remains accessible throughout its lifecycle.

  • KOMpliance Dark Security
    • Protects data from Hackers, Malware and other threats
    • Enforce Privacy (prevent unauthorized access)
  • KOMpliance N-Way Replication
    • Maintain multiple copies for Disaster Recovery
    • Streamline Failover and Availability (Users don’t need to know)
    • Simplify migration - Just Replicate!
  • Unconditional Data Protection
    • Internal Threat Protection (even from IT administrators)
    • Encryption without key management headaches
  • KOMpliance keeps data secure no matter where you go
    • Enforce Security independent of infrastructure
  • Support Migration and infrastructure transformation
    • Mix and Match any configuration (VM or Physical)
    • Mix and Match Windows Versions
  • KOMpliance Software creates sustainable green secure archive volumes
    • No Hardware required
    • No forklift upgrades
    • Use any storage resources and virtualized infrastructure


Write-Once WORM

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Ensure compliance with SEC 17a-3, 17a-4 records retention requirements

Regulatory Compliance

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Automatically enforce multiple regulations and corporate governance rules

Preserve Data Integrity

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Meet regulatory audit requirements and legal disclosure requests

Data Privacy

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Safeguard Personal Data to meet regulations such as HIPAA & PCI/DSS

Data Security

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Provide additional data Security & Protection measures, including Dark Security.

N-Way Replication

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Get multi-directional replication to ensure rapid data restoration

Regulatory Compliance

deploy compliant

Deploy Compliant WORM Storage

KOMpliance e-WORM creates secure, write-once volumes on any HDD and SSD to prevent any modifications or deletions and assure data authenticity. Satisfies the strictest compliance requirements, including SEC, SOX, PCI, FINRA, FISMA, HIPAA, DoD, etc.

Enforce Regulatory Compliance

KOMpliance simplifies the process of adhering to compliance regulations. Regardless of the regulations and their complexity, KOMpliance can play an active role in addressing them.
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Apply Data Retention Compliance

KOMpliance supports multiple, concurrent Retention Policies and strictly enforces all retention expiration rules. Each retained file is protected with a Digital Signature for data authentication and non-repudiation.
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Instant Compliance Relief

KOMpliance was designed to address the widest range of regulations and requirements and is the perfect antidote to compliance complexities. Manage risks and meet compliance requirements with minimal effort and operational impact.
encryption privacy

Encryption & Privacy Compliance

Each KOMpliance volume is Encrypted for data privacy – meeting all data-at-rest security requirements and protecting data from unauthorized access.
legal hold

Apply Legal Holds

Legal Holds enforce retention to comply with court and legal audits and proceedings. KOMpliance Legal Hold does not change retention expiry dates; just ensures that expired files cannot be destroyed in accordance with legal and litigation requirements.
secure erasure_shredding

Secure Erasure & Data Shredding

Once data retentions expire, KOMpliance enforces NIST compliant Secure Data Shredding on every deleted file, reducing risk and limiting liability.
unparalleled security

Unparalleled Security

KOMpliance delivers the full benefits and flexibility of an enterprise class archive solution with all the best-of-breed security features including encryption, hard disk WORM archiving and secure erasure at a price everyone can truly afford.
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High Performance Secure Storage

KOMpliance secures the underlying storage while delivering performance that never impedes authorized users or applications.
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Friendly Familiar Interface

The KOMpliance interface uses common actions such as copy-and-paste and drag-and-drop, your users can be productive immediately. Simply point applications and users to KOMpliance managed volumes and get Compliant right away!



Secure Tamper-Proof Storage

KOMpliance can be deployed in physical and virtual environments with any HDD or SSD storage to create tamper-proof Virtual Vaults that protect, preserve and safeguard valuable data.

Simple, Easy Interface

KOMpliance’s Management Console uses an intuitive look-and-feel interface that is immediately familiar to Windows Administrators. No training or specialised expertise is required.
lifecycle management

Advanced File Lifecycle Management

Administrators can easily create, implement and modify highly customizable File Lifecycle Management policies as needed, and apply them to specific classes of files or even individual files.

Flexible File Retention

Retention Management employs easily constructed, customizable, rules-based policies to address a wide range of compliance requirements. Policies can easily be modified and new ones added.

Advanced File Protection Policies

KOMpliance’s comprehensive file and folder protection features enhance data security for a wide range of enterprise applications such as ECM, DMS, E-mail Archiving, Financial Applications, SharePoint and SAP, as well as Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Medical applications including RIS/PACs, EKG and Fetal Monitoring Systems.

Simple to Install and Easy to Manage

Everything you need to install and deploy KOMpliance is included. KOMpliance integrates readily into all Active Directory Services, enforcing all group policies and ACLs for painless deployment and streamlined setup. The simple installation, easy integration, and automated management features combine to save time and money.

What Our Clients Say

  • KOMpliance provides us with functionality that wasn’t available before. We no longer have to worry about meeting different regulatory requirements for different types of studies or patients.
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