Founded in 1969 by Kenneth O. Mair, KOM Software began operations by providing high-performance components, back-planes, multiplexers and third party service for DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) hardware. KOM developed the first generation of multiplexers for DEC PDP-11 computer systems. In 1982, KOM embarked on a strategic change in direction by diversifying its resources into the development of the first Optical Storage Management Software. In 1983, after pioneering the integration of WORM (Write-Once-Read-Many) optical disk drives and management for leading-edge medical applications, the company recognized the benefits of this mass storage technology and redirected its efforts exclusively into this new field.

KOM Software has been a leader in Archive Storage Management since 1983, successfully supplying archive storage management solutions to over 10,000 government agencies, Fortune 100 and Global 100 companies.

In the year 2000, KOM developed software to extend Virtualization and Automated, Policy Based File Management across different technologies, namely hard disks RAID, storage networks as well as removable storage. Today, KOM Software develops and supplies the world's most advanced Archive Storage Management solution. KOM software provides policy-based, dynamically managed software storage solutions that help a wide range of organizations archive, access, and protect their digital assets across multiple storage devices and operating platforms.

Our commitment to our customers is to be available and approachable 24x7 and continue to meet future challenges by delivering appropriate solutions that enable organizations to build long-term, sustainable, cost-efficient strategies for reliable, dynamic information management.