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Data Privacy

Protect the Privacy of Stored Personal Data



KOMpliance serves as a necessary safety net, preventing the exposure of Personal Information (PI) even if records are moved outside the control of source applications or off the network. The PI contained in data records has become a prime target of hackers who can either directly use the information to commit fraud or readily sell it on to third parties. Phishing exploits have proven effective at bypassing the protections provided by even the most sophisticated perimeter security systems and access controls. KOMpliance secures and protects records from unauthorized access, whether accidental or intentional, preventing the exposure of the information they contain.


Protects Data Privacy

Locksout unauthorized access to sensitive information. Safeguard Personal Data to meet privacy regulations.

Prevents Data Breaches

stop databreach 130h
Our secure software solution employs multiple methods to stop data breaches, regardless of their source.

Secure Data Encryption

data encryption 130h
Provides NIST compliant AES-256 encryption for data at rest security without the key management headaches.

Dark Security

dark security 130h
Hides and conceals data to make it invisible to all internal and external threats preventing data breach, data loss or theft.

Secure Erasure & Data Shredding

shredder blade 130h
Enforces NIST compliant data shredding on every deleted file ensuring that information is truly gone and cannot be misused.

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  • KOMpliance provides us with functionality that wasn’t available before. We no longer have to worry about meeting different regulatory requirements for different types of studies or patients.
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