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Panasonic Accelerates DVD-RAM Adoption for UNIX/LINUX Platforms, OEM Drives Gain Widespread Industry Ground as Three New Customers join UNIX/Linux Support Roster

San Jose CA, USA – August 19, 2003

Panasonic today announced that it will expand its SW-9571-CYY DVD MULTI Drive support for the UNIX/Linux platforms through a set of new customers that includes KOM Networks, Luminex and Objective Data Storage. These three join a prestigious list of UNIX/Linux supporters, including LoneStar Software, MusicMatch and InterVideo, Inc.

Support for the UNIX/Linux platforms continues to make strides in the PC industry year after year. Panasonic recognized this trend early on and has been working to accelerate adoption of DVD-RAM technology with products that support UNIX/Linux OS, enhancing the workstation environment and consumer applications.

"Panasonic continues to expand DVD-RAM's reach into the UNIX/Linux platforms by focusing on new customers that can add robust offerings to the popular platforms," said Dana Berzin, Product Manager for Panasonic's OEM computer drives. "The DVD MULTI Drive provides the perfect option-rich hardware addition to the growing software support for UNIX/Linux."

The UNIX computing environment has long enjoyed a great reputation for being associated with enterprise class, robust, secure, business and mission critical implementations. Recognizing the great potential of consolidating technology in these environments, KOM Networks extended support for the Panasonic OEM DVD MULTI drive to deliver DVD technology to their base of OptiServer® customers and users.

"In a world driven by automation and expediency, access to information is paramount. The power of using one single device to access and author DVD-RAM/DVD-R/DVD-RW/CD-R/CD-RW as well as read DVD-ROM/CD-ROM is the most appropriate vehicle to allow organizations to transition from CD to DVD technology without compromising accessibility," said Dan Tanner, Vice President for Business Development at KOM Networks. "Now our customers have the flexibility of the most appropriate storage medium to meet application specific, departmental, organizational as well as regulatory compliance without having to modify their software applications."

For key small business applications, companies such as Objective Data Storage have chosen the powerful combination of DVD-RAM/DVD-R/DVD-RW to deliver data management software to their customers operating on the UNIX/Linux platforms. DVD-RAM is not only fast, but it can handle large volumes of data on one 9.4GB DVD with rewriteability to approximately 100,000 times. In addition, thanks to advanced defect management and the power behind UNIX/Linux, users can rely on speedy, worry-free recording when archiving and burning data. Ultimately, users will be able to increase efficiency and accessibility in the workplace, and interact with mission-critical applications easier; all to enhance the user experience and increase ROI.

The unique benefits of DVD-RAM over other formats add a new robustness to interacting with media and data via the UNIX/Linux platforms. DVD-RAM media offers users the benefits of defect management, on-disc editing and mixed file formats accessibility on one disc. In addition, the OEM MULTI Drive offers near universal media compatibility, allowing UNIX/Linux users the capability of archiving and burning media files to DVD-R and DVD-RW.

In addition to storage and business solutions, applications and products supported by the UNIX/Linux platforms are becoming more closely associated with consumer electronics and multi-media software, as in the case of InterVideo and MusicMatch. Now, users have the choice of employing either the Windows or UNIX/Linux operating systems – combined with DVD-RAM functionality – to manage and manipulate data from video to music to simple text files.

Panasonic is renowned for providing innovative electronics to consumers, business and industrial customers, delivering invaluable tools and much valued entertainment. Today the company is focused on the widespread adoption of DVD-RAM for both consumer and vertical markets as well as for emerging platforms. Companies like Luminex, a leading supplier of data distribution, archiving and storage products, have integrated the OEM MULTI Drive into data archiving solutions for UNIX/Linux users.

"Long-term data archiving – especially email archiving – is becoming a critical IT issue these days, and Luminex leverages only the best in optical technologies in the industry to tackle it," said Art Tolsma, CEO of Luminex. "Solutions like Data|WARE Workstation for the UNIX environment – working with the robust features of the MULTI Drive -- provide a non-changing, reliable archiving media needed to meet obligations for critical information and deliver higher performance than ever before."

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