KOM Software Makes Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) a Reality on Microsoft Storage Server 2003

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KOMworx® complements the power of Microsoft Storage Server 2003 with policy-based Information Lifecycle Management, automating data migration, resource allocation and capacity management, data protection, and regulatory compliant archiving

Ottawa, ON Canada – July 15, 2003

KOM Software, a leader in innovative data management software solutions, announced the availability of KOMworx for Microsoft Storage Server 2003. The combined power KOMworx and Microsoft Storage Server 2003 bring significant business intelligence simplifying and automating vital everyday file, data and storage management tasks.

About KOMworx™

KOMworx Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) presents all files stored in an enterprise in a single explorer pane, instantly removing all barriers between what a business wants to do and what its IT department can support. "With KOMworx, CIOs can be heroes, quickly and easily transforming IT from the 'business prevention department' into a can-do utility," said Dan Tanner, Vice President for Business Development at KOM Software. "KOMworx supports 5064 files per KOMworx server," he added, "providing an immense single-image file namespace that can't be outgrown. The number of files dwarfs the US national debt expressed in pennies."

"ILM is the panacea of storage management. Being able to automatically put the right data, at the right time, on the right asset is everything IT ultimately wants and needs," said Steve Kenniston, Analyst, Enterprise Storage Group.

KOMworx built-in data protection enables hard disk volumes, folders or files to be archived online instantly so that they are unalterable, even by their owners, administrators who may take ownership, or viruses — even unknown or undiscovered — that pose successfully as owners.

KOMworx improves application responsiveness and file I/O throughput by accelerating native Windows NTFS file system performance. Enterprises using KOMworx typically report six- to eight-fold performance jumps.

The KOMworx automated archiving to write-once optical (WORM), as well as hard disk and read/write optical storage, enables businesses to comply with mandated US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) archiving regulations using Windows systems, thus leveraging in-house administrative skills. The option also provides data access directly from optical storage media, emulating standard file operations on hard disk.

About Storage Server 2003

With Storage Server 2003, Microsoft has gone well beyond merely providing a file server or network-attached storage (NAS) appliance created with the Microsoft Server Appliance Kit (SAK). Storage Server 2003 adds numerous storage-specific features: (1) the capacity of storage supported can range from 160 GB to several terabytes, (2) a Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) provides single- or multi-volume point-in-time copy functionality for recovery; up to 512 copies, up to 64 per volume, (3) the DFS distributed file system handles up to 8-node clustering for system robustness, (4) multipath I/O provides additional robustness and load balancing for performance, and (5) an iSCSI initiator facilitates integration with IP storage area networks (SANs).

KOMworx with Storage Server 2003

Storage Server 2003 provides a high-quality storage infrastructure. KOMworx augments that storage with business-level control of files that businesses store in the infrastructure.

Businesses seeking to add only data protection through basic volume-level on-line archiving can install Shieldworx® on Storage Server 2003. Shieldworx Professional Edition emulates WORM storage on hard disk, and features remote administration. Businesses seeking to add only optical storage archiving with Storage Server 2003 can use OptiStorm® and will also enjoy ability to operate the removable optical storage as if it were near-line disk storage, plus being able to use write once, read many (WORM) storage with Windows.

KOM Software high-performance solutions never require changes to any existing code, user interfaces or operational procedures. KOM presents Storage, the way you want it.

About KOM Software

KOM Software is a world leading provider of flexible, secure data archiving and storage management software. Over 10,000 of the world's leading corporations have recognized KOM Software as the most logical, unobtrusive and secure way to store, access and protect their data. KOM is enabling enterprises large and small a cost effective way to improve productivity and meet compliance requirements without altering their network infrastructure or daily business routines. The industry pioneer holds vital industry patents for electronic file lifecycle management, virtual file management and eWORM fixed content hard disk archiving. Find out how KOM Software can help you implement a comprehensive information lifecycle solution to optimize your existing storage environment and meet your compliance requirements.

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  • KOMpliance provides us with functionality that wasn’t available before. We no longer have to worry about meeting different regulatory requirements for different types of studies or patients.
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