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KOM Networks Announces Global Agreement with Compaq

Ottawa, ON Canada – February 1, 2001

KOM Networks, a leading storage management software provider, announced a global agreement with Compaq Computers that will see KOM's newest line of storage virtualization software, StealthWorx, resold as part of the Compaq Archive documentation and archiving solution. Compaq will also continue to distribute KOM's Optistorm and Optiserver optical storage management software as part of the Compaq Archive for SAP solution.

"By enhancing our relationship with KOM NETWORKS we ensure that we can offer our customers the latest innovations in storage technology," said Homer Kehler, Compaq Archive global director. "KOM is leading the market in storage virtualization technology with its StealthWorx software and we are pleased to be the first solutions provider offering this ubiquitous storage solution."

Virtualization is the latest innovation in storage and the most powerful technology available for maximizing ROI and managing a storage network. Storage virtualization is a policy-driven process that ensures vendor neutral compatibility and the integration of multiple storage devices and technologies into a single storage network. It allows companies to better manage their information and grow their data network regardless of what software or hardware is deployed and provides operators with the ability to manage an entire storage network as easily as they would a single magnetic hard drive.

"StealthWorx is a revolutionary approach to storage virtualization that allows system administrators complete management of their storage system. Using StealthWorx, administrators can add or remove devices on the fly without any system down time, shrink or expand their storage capacity to meet the ever changing organizational demands, set storage policies and automate their maintenance procedures," said Taher Shaath, KOM NETWORKS president and CEO. "We are pleased to announce that Compaq will be providing StealthWorx leading edge virtualization technology to its customers. The OEM agreement with Compaq, which has built its global reputation as a leading computing systems provider, is a great endorsement to the innovations and technologies that are brought forth by KOM Networks. Our combined solution will enhance any organization's storage network by bringing an unsurpassed level of storage potential to data intensive environments."

The StealthWorx suite of storage solutions allows for the creation of virtual volumes that are each capable of storing up to 500 petabytes of information. As well, its file life cycle management system lets administrators assign storage policies and scheduled maintenance so that standard functions such as file movement and deletions can be scheduled to occur on a regular basis. This eliminates the need for human intervention in regular archiving procedures, reducing the chance of accidental error. With StealthWorx managing a data intensive environment, administrators can be confident that their files will always be in the right place at the right time.

KOM NETWORKS is a global leader in storage virtualization, providing enterprises and institutions with open storage solutions and networked storage management strategies. Fortune 1000 companies and large government agencies, including defence and intelligence departments, rely on KOM NETWORKS to store and manage vast amounts of mission critical data generated by anything from NASA's Hubble space telescope to heart monitors. KOM NETWORKS has pioneered storage virtualization for 17 years developing the award-winning products Optistorm (Windows NT) and Optiserver (UNIX and VMS). Now, KOM NETWORKS has taken a quantum leap forward in True Storage Virtualization with its StealthWorx suite of next-generation virtual storage solutions. StealthWorx is policy driven, managing storage intelligently so companies can better manage their information and grow their data network regardless of what software or hardware is deployed. KOM NETWORKS' partners include Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Microsystems and IBM. For more information, please visit www.komnetworks.com.

About Compaq Computer Corporation
Compaq Computer Corporation, a Fortune Global 100 company, is one of the largest suppliers of computing systems in the world. Compaq designs, develops, manufactures and markets hardware, software, solutions and services, including industry-leading enterprise computing solutions, fault-tolerant business-critical solutions, and communication products, commercial desktop and portable products and consumer PCs. Compaq products and services are sold in more than 200 countries directly to businesses, through a network of authorized Compaq marketing partners, and directly to businesses and consumers through Compaq's e-commerce Web site at www.compaq.com.

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