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KOM Software Awarded US Patent 6,336,175

Method and System for Providing Restricted Write Access to a Storage Medium

Patent provides key competitive advantage in enabling compliance and providing data for legal admissibility

Ottawa, ON Canada – January 1, 2002

KOM Software, Inc., a global leader in Compliance, Archiving and Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) solutions, announced the award of U.S. patent 6,336,175 by the USPTO, which protects one of the core technologies used in company's KOMworx and Shieldworx software. The patent describes the mechanism that automatically restricts operations such as file delete and file overwrite to preserve data authenticity and integrity. The patent can be applied to various storage management applications such as long term archiving and compliance.

"Today's customers require data storage technologies and software capabilities that can effectively archive, secure and preserve their data. Recent studies have indicated that 50% of the vulnerability of the data integrity originates from within the organization. The causes vary and they are not necessarily malicious in intent but the result is always the same and in this day and age maintaining data integrity is an uncontested necessity," said Dr. Taher Shaath, CEO, KOM Software. "The patent describes the mechanism to evaluate file manipulating operations and determine whether these operations should be allowed or rejected based on defined policies independent of who the user is. This unique approach supplements file system security limitations that allow privileged users absolute reign over the data they own. We are pleased to be awarded this patent and to have our innovations recognized."

KOM Software' industry leading software provides policy-based, dynamically managed storage solutions that help a wide range of organizations archive and protect digital assets across multiple storage devices and operating platforms. KOMworx innovative software provides Hard Disk Fixed Content Archiving (e-WORM), e-WORM++ (which combines WORM permanence (UDO, ProDATA, MO, DVD, and CD) with high performance disk storage), ILM, NAS aggregation and dynamic capacity management. In addition, KOMworx global namespace is a powerful feature that allows users the flexibility of a single drive letter access, regardless of the physical location of the files. The issuance of this latest patent confirms the value of the intellectual property KOM Software has developed with these industry leading innovations.

KOMworx is KOM Software flagship product and many organizations all over the world are already taking advantage of its ability to enable compliance and provide long term secure archiving. KOMworx customers' list includes private companies, government organizations, Fortune 1000 and Global 1000 customers such as Hewlett Packard (HP) UNICEF, BMW, HSBC, BB&T, Deutsche Bank, Verizon, Mount Sinai Hospital, GE Aircraft Engines, Volkswagen, DaimlerChrysler, Shell, Samsung, Fisher Investments, Cleveland Clinic, Beverly Hills Hospital, Deloitte and Thai Airways.

About KOM Software

KOM Software is a world leading provider of flexible, secure data archiving and storage management software. Over 10,000 of the world's leading corporations have recognized KOM Software as the most logical, unobtrusive and secure way to store, access and protect their data. KOM is enabling enterprises large and small a cost effective way to improve productivity and meet compliance requirements without altering their network infrastructure or daily business routines. The industry pioneer holds vital industry patents for electronic file lifecycle management, virtual file management and eWORM fixed content hard disk archiving. Find out how KOM Software can help you implement a comprehensive information lifecycle solution to optimize your existing storage environment and meet your compliance requirements.

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  • KOMpliance provides us with functionality that wasn’t available before. We no longer have to worry about meeting different regulatory requirements for different types of studies or patients.
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