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KOM Networks now offers replicating and archiving solutions

by Paul Weinberg

More and more businesses are looking at improved archiving solutions in face of new forms of regulatory compliance regarding data availability, according to a spokesperson for KOM Networks.

The Ottawa based company is a provider of the KOMworx suite of storage management solutions, including the new e-WORM ++ file replication tool.

"In the early days [before SOX and other forms of regulation], people used to do more backup than archiving," said Fadi Albatal, the company's business development manager.

"As data grows and backups became a lengthy and costly process, they are looking at archiving [as an alternative]."

Furthermore, clients are looking to archive data on high performance devices like spinning hard disk array that are faster and less cumbersome than the ubiquitous optical media, he continued.

Taking note of the fact that many organizations still use optical media KOM's solutions will work on either optical or hard disk array.

KOM's software is vendor neutral and can be installed on any network platform, Albatal stated.

The new e-WORM ++ file replication feature enables clients to maintain multiple copies of files on various storage devices regardless of technology. In addition, it is designed to improve data availability and protect data.

"Today's IT environments require reliable data storage mechanisms to prepare for possible disaster recovery scenarios, as well as to satisfy government regulations regarding data availability," he said.

e-WORM++ combines the security of permanent write-once storage technologies with the performance and availability of hard disk arrays and it can replicate data files automatically "without seriously impacting server performance," the KOM spokesperson explained.

The e-WORM++ solution provides two levels of automated file replication. First, it maintains multiple copies of a file on various hard disk storage resources. Secondly, KOMworx can replicate files to write-once (WORM) storage resources such as optical media.

KOM's relies on its network of resellers and value added distributors that specialize in either document management or imaging, added Albatal.

Source: ConnectIT

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