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KOM Networks in our Labs

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Our preliminary assessment of the KOM Networks “KOMpliance” platform has been completed in our labs.  We will post the full report later this week.

The KOMpliance strategy is “kompelling.” 🙂

Basically, KOM has taken a stab at creating a hybrid software solution, KOMworx, that includes HSM and archive ideas.  You install their stuff in the form of an appliance (a server) in your network and it connects up whatever backend storage you want to designate as your archive using iSCSI, FC or parallel SCSI attach.  KOMworx rides atop Windows Storage Server R2 and presents CIFS shares out to your servers.  You set up policies to drive data from the production storage to these CIFS shares, which may be disk or tape or optical.  KOMworx offers WORM as well.

Setting the thing up took us about 15 minutes and we immediately had an archival repository for the cost of the appliance (very reasonable price points, by the way) and whatever back end storage we decided to buy.

Cool beans!  A drop in solution for companies large and small that need to constrain storage growth (policies let you migrate data from production storage readily based on lots of criteria you select) and place older data in near online for compliance reasons.

We like it and our full report will explain why.  Take a look for yourself and tell Kamel (the CTO) that we sent you.