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KOM Networks in the Labs

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

We will be reporting in a couple of weeks about the results we have collected about the KOM Networks “KOMpliance” Gateway product.  We had a deep dive into the company’s technology in our lab yesterday and it looks like a very interesting and affordable play to me at this point.

KOM’s wares come in the form of appliances (storage built in) and gateways (use whatever storage you have or wish to buy) that provide an archive software solution well integrated with Microsoft Windows Storage Server R2 (in the version we saw — they also support UNIX and some other OS platforms).  Basically, these guys present volumes, you write to volumes (these are writes made at the time of capture, not some sort of copy-after-write-to-some-tiered-storage-model play) and the data is encrypted and placed into retention/deletion policies that you designate.  Since the underlying file system is good old-fashioned NTFS, there is no disruption in normal I/O and everything is searchable via whatever search tools you want to use.

Looks like pretty good stuff to me.  We’ll see what the numbers say.