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Enhance Technology

Founded in 1997, Enhance Technology designs and engineers simple, robust, and effective storage solutions for data center, database archive, digital content creation, geophysics exploration, medical imaging, security surveillance and storage area networks. Headquartered in California with locations worldwide, Enhance Technology is recognized as a value leader in high performance RAID, JBOD, Cloud, SAN & NAS storage systems and solutions.

Enhance goes beyond meeting your basic “form factor, connectivity, application, performance and budget” requirements by ensuring that the storage solution that you choose is tested, validated, and arrives at your doorstep fully configured.

Enhance is recognized as a technology leader and an innovator that delivers key technology solutions and brings significant value to the storage marketplace. Enhance is winning numerous awards based on reliability, performance, and our efforts to optimize applications by industry peers, editors and reviewers worldwide.


Satisfying accelerated storage growth demands and regulatory requirements while staying within budget constraints requires an innovative solution.KOM Software’s KOMpliance, a software-defined secure storage solution, extends tamper-proof data protection and policy-based long term retention to Enhance Technology’s UltraStor SAN storage platform as an integrated and cost-efficient solution for regulatory compliance and storage expansion.

Business Value

A fully compliant storage solution enabled by adding KOMpliance to an UltraStor SAN combines the flexibility and scalability of virtualized iSCSI and FC SAN technology with the uncompromising data security and integrity of WORM encrypted storage volumes. This combination of technologies results in a higher return on investment (ROI) as compared with traditional proprietary hard disk WORM storage alternatives.

For more information, visit www.enhance-tech.com