What We Do

We develop software solutions to help companies safeguard their data - enforcing security, privacy and protection against data breach, loss, and corruption. Our software includes Encryption, High Availability, and Disaster Recovery to shield against internal and external, malicious and accidental threats in any environment, physical or virtual. Our solutions are designed to protect data throughout its lifecycle, independent of changes to infrastructure.

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How Your Business


Lower Costs
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There is No hardware to buy, No vendor lock-in, No Forklift Upgrades, and No costly Conversions. License what you need when you need it.
Business Continuity
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Maintains replicated copies of data across multiple locations and configurations. Simplifies failover, upgrades and disaster recovery.
Data Safety Net
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Automatically maintains data security by preventing data breach, data loss or theft and locking out unauthorized access to sensitive information.
Risk Reduction
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Enforces security, retention, erasure and privacy to meet compliance regulations. Mitigate risks and eliminate errors avoiding punitive fines and penalties.
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Supports Physical, Virtual and Hybrid environments. Leverages existing investments in infrastructure, tools and Windows administrative talent.