KOMpliance FAQs

Why Data Archive - I do regular backups?

Archive really isn't a backup copy kept for a long time. An archive is a protected repository for historical records selected for long term retention and future reference when needed. It is usually data that is no longer actively used but has value to the organization and must be retained and protected in its original form to meet compliance regulations, support business continuity, or for reference in the context of research. Archives are also a cost-effective method to free up primary disk storage space for data that is no longer actively used but must be kept. Because backups only copy data, the original file is left in place which doesn’t free up any storage space. Also, a backup creates another copy of the data which means you are now using twice as much storage space unless files are deleted manually after the backup. These things just add to data management costs. Keeping a full back up for 20+ years is not practical nor a cost-effective way to use storage.

One way that a KOMpliance archive storage solution is different from data backup is the automated and policy based file management across disparate technologies, namely hard disk RAID, storage networks and removable storage. KOMpliance allows for organizations generating and managing large volumes of archives such as email, imaging data, etc, a way to consolidate storage resources by creating a single archive volume that spans across multiple technologies and connectivities allowing centralized management of storage resources and data. KOMpliance not only leverages your existing storage infrastructure, but also administrative talent and knowledge without interfering with or changing day-to-day operations. KOMpliance keeps archive simple and cost effective by providing an automated method to single out specific files, apply policies for protection and retention to manage the data through its lifecycle, and then dispose of files with secure data shredding when retention policies have expired. At all times keeping the original data protected but also easily accessible with file level search capabilities.

Using backup software for data that needs to be retained long-term or may need to be searched (i.e., legal discovery) is probably not a good idea. Can you picture trying to find a 10 year old patient record or a specific legal document using your back up software? Backups and archive complement each other. They don’t replace each other.

What Our Clients Say

  • KOMpliance provides us with functionality that wasn’t available before. We no longer have to worry about meeting different regulatory requirements for different types of studies or patients.

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