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Breakthrough software takes data protection to whole new level

Ottawa, ON Canada – September 19, 2001

KOM Networks today announced the highly anticipated release of its data protection software - Shieldworx® version 2.0.

Today's highly volatile computing environment and the continuing proliferation of viruses are now bordering on becoming daily epidemics to which no organization is immune. Governments, multinational corporations and even banks have recently been brought to their knees by various strains of computer viruses. Viruses such as Code Red, Melissa and others highlight the fact that this problem is not about to go away. In fact, the problem is getting much worse. Computer virus attacks are becoming much more frequent, destructive and harder to monitor and control.

Shieldworx® is cutting edge technology for the desktop and server that allows users to fully protect files on their PCs with innovative security features over and above any of those associated with Windows NT/ and Windows 2000. Shieldworx® 's patented technology brings to life basic file system security that enables disks and volumes formatted with Windows native file systems (FAT-16, FAT-32 and NTFS) to be accessed in a pure read-only mode. In addition, Shieldworx® has the flexibility to provide a highly configurable archive-like access to any disk or volume.

Conventional anti-virus software methodology is designed to protect against known computer viruses but has been rendered helpless against up and coming viral threats. The real problem facing the IT world is how to deal with new viruses. Problematic viruses may be completely new or simply a new strain of previously identified viruses. The bottom line is conventional anti-virus processes cannot identify new viruses until someone determines that a strike has taken place. Shieldworx® seamlessly protects data without infringing on the users or applications. It also operates in a complementary manner with anti-virus software, preventing mission-critical and sensitive data from being "put at risk".

Shieldworx® 's Patented Read-Only Mode is specifically designed to overcome the shortcomings of conventional anti-virus methodology. The underlying premise is simple: "Thou shall not write". Once invoked, this Mode prevents any write operation from taking place. Any hard disk partition (including the boot partition where the operating system resides) can be set to a "Read-only" state. The only possible operation is to read data when Read-Only Mode is invoked. All other operations are disabled thus preventing data from being altered or modified. The result being users are unable to create, delete, rename, move or overwrite files on the specified partition.

Shieldworx® also features an Archive Mode that safeguards existing data from malicious or unintentional modification, while allowing new data to be added to the hard drive partition. In addition, Shieldworx® incorporates the ability to exclude certain directories and volumes from protection at will. The beauty of the Shieldworx® technology lies in its ability to perform these tasks without disrupting access, affecting performance or infringing on the applications.

"Shieldworx® is the culmination of many years of innovative research and patented technologies. We will continue to put our expertise and creativity into developing products that address the needs and ongoing concerns of an ever changing and evolving Global IT community. We are committed to always pushing the envelope of creativity beyond conventional computing methodologies," said Kamel Shaath, CTO of KOM Networks. "Shieldworx® takes desktop security to an unprecedented level that protects users' data from viruses, hackers, and other threats, all the while maintaining and retaining total data integrity and security."

"It is no longer enough that organizations know where and how their data is stored. As a precious resource, that data must be protected," commented Dan Tanner, Senior Analyst for Storage and Storage Management at Aberdeen Group.

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KOM Networks is a world leading provider of flexible, secure data archiving and storage management software. Over 10,000 of the world's leading corporations have recognized KOM Networks as the most logical, unobtrusive and secure way to store, access and protect their data. KOM is enabling enterprises large and small a cost effective way to improve productivity and meet compliance requirements without altering their network infrastructure or daily business routines. The industry pioneer holds vital industry patents for electronic file lifecycle management, virtual file management and eWORM fixed content hard disk archiving. Find out how KOM Networks can help you implement a comprehensive information lifecycle solution to optimize your existing storage environment and meet your compliance requirements. Contact us at 1-888-556-6462, sales@komnetworks.com or visit our website for more information. www.komnetworks.com.

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