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KOM delivers benefits of true storage virtualization technology to enterprises for the first time.
KOM launches breakthrough storage virtualization software line.

Monterey CA, USA – February 5, 2000

KOM Networks, Inc., a leading storage management software company, today announced they will be hosting a round table discussion on storage virtualization, on February 7th, 2001 at the E-Commerce Infrastructure Technology Conference and Tradeshow in Monterey California.

Moderated by award-winning storage journalist and editor Mark Ferelli, of Computer Technology Review and Storage Management Solutions, the interactive discussion will bring together industry experts and market makers to comment on virtualization technology that is revolutionizing the storage industry. Participants in the round table will include: Kamel Shaath, Chief Technology Officer, KOM Networks; Karl Schubert, Vice President of Storage Systems, Dell; Abbott Schindler, Technical Marketing Director for Enterprise Storage, Compaq; IBM; Clod Berrera, Director of System Strategy Storage Systems Division, Clint Jurgens, Chief Technology Officer, Cisco Systems; Dan Tanner, Storage Systems Senior Analyst, Aberdeen Group; Clint Vaughan, Storage Analyst, Solomon Smith Barney, and Peter Laporte, Director of Product Management, Crossroads Systems.

The recent trend of converting paper to electronic forms of communication and data collection has accelerated the need for storage and made data management systems one of the fastest growing high-tech areas. According to a recent New York Times article, analysts project that spending on data storage products will account for 70 per cent of information technology budgets by 2005.

The current movement in this sector is toward storage virtualization, a process that allows vendor neutral compatibility and the integration of multiple storage devices and technologies into a single storage network. KOM Networks is a leading proponent of storage virtualization. KOM Networks concept of storage virtualization pivots on the principal of building policy-driven virtual storage repositories that are vendor, technology and device neutral. These virtual storage repositories utilize a policy-driven virtual file system that can dynamically expand and shrink on-the-fly without impacting the access to data. The adoption of storage virtualization enables organization to adopt a long-term storage strategy that will efficiently manage their data and dynamically expand their storage infrastructure to incorporate best of breed technology while sustaining access, security, scalability and flexibility.

"Over the past year KOM Networks has undergone extraordinary changes. We have recruited a new executive management team and changed the corporate name to reflect our ongoing commitment to developing leading edge software technologies that re-affirm our vision that the network is storage," said Taher Shaath, President and CEO of KOM Networks. "The combination of KOM Networks' new direction, coupled with ongoing expansion of our strategic partnerships and unique storage virtualization technology, will position KOM Networks as a leading provider of storage strategies."

KOM Networks supplies vendor-neutral storage software products. Its premium storage management solutions include OptiServer® and OptiStorm® These storage management solutions empower companies to harness the network's storage potential by enabling administrators to seamlessly integrate and simultaneously manage multiple storage devices. KOM Networks' user-friendly software offers a variety of advanced management and security features that provide efficient data retrieval and reliable long-term storage.

KOM Networks will also be officially launching its breakthrough storage virtualization technology, including its next generation suite of virtual storage software, at the E-Commerce Infrastructure Technology Conference and Tradeshow.

About KOM Networks

KOM Networks is a world leading provider of flexible, secure data archiving and storage management software. Over 10,000 of the world's leading corporations have recognized KOM Networks as the most logical, unobtrusive and secure way to store, access and protect their data. KOM is enabling enterprises large and small a cost effective way to improve productivity and meet compliance requirements without altering their network infrastructure or daily business routines. The industry pioneer holds vital industry patents for electronic file lifecycle management, virtual file management and eWORM fixed content hard disk archiving. Find out how KOM Networks can help you implement a comprehensive information lifecycle solution to optimize your existing storage environment and meet your compliance requirements. Contact us at 1-888-556-6462, sales@komnetworks.com or visit our website for more information. www.komnetworks.com.

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