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KOM Networks announces support for the VAXstation™ 3100

Ottawa, ON Canada – November 11, 1991

KOM Networks is pleased to announce the latest release of their OptiFile® II product which permits rewritable and WORM optical disks to appear to the system as magnetic disks. The new version includes support for the SCSI class/port architecture which is included as part of the VAXstation™ 3100, 3520 and 3540 and MicroVAX™ 3100 systems. This permits optical disk drives to be attached to the built-in external SCSI bus along with other devices such as SCSI magnetic disks and tapes and still be controlled by the OptiFile II device driver.

This version is completely compatible with KOM's OptiFile II offerings for Q0bus, UNIBUS and BI bus systems, permitting media written on one systems to be read and written on any other system equipped with OptiFile II. KOM is committed to maintaining compatibility of the media for all future releases as well.

Those optical drives which are supported include: Sony WORM, Sony SMO, Pioneer WORM, Pioneer multi-function, LMSI LD4100, LMSI LD1200, LMSI LD510, Cherokee, ATG, Mitsubishi, Kodak, Panasonic LD-5010 and Panasonic LD-7010.

KOM's OptiServer product, which integrates control of optical jukeboxes, is also available on these VAX systems.

About KOM Networks

KOM Networks is a world leading provider of flexible, secure data archiving and storage management software. Over 10,000 of the world's leading corporations have recognized KOM Networks as the most logical, unobtrusive and secure way to store, access and protect their data. KOM is enabling enterprises large and small a cost effective way to improve productivity and meet compliance requirements without altering their network infrastructure or daily business routines. The industry pioneer holds vital industry patents for electronic file lifecycle management, virtual file management and eWORM fixed content hard disk archiving. Find out how KOM Networks can help you implement a comprehensive information lifecycle solution to optimize your existing storage environment and meet your compliance requirements. Contact us at 1-888-556-6462, sales@komnetworks.com or visit our website for more information. www.komnetworks.com.

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  • KOMpliance provides us with functionality that wasn’t available before. We no longer have to worry about meeting different regulatory requirements for different types of studies or patients.

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