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40-Member Open Industry Coalition Driving Management Standards for Heterogeneous Storage Area Networks

Hopkinton MA, USA – February 24, 2000

The FibreAlliance, an open association of Fiber Channel vendors, this week unveils the latest developments in its groundbreaking drive to develop and implement industry standards for managing heterogeneous storage area networks (SANs).

At this week's CeBit 2000 Trade Fair, in Hannover, Germany, one of the industry's most comprehensive trade expositions, the FibreAlliance will announce eight new member companies from across the storage industry. This brings to 40 the number of Fibre Channel suppliers working cooperatively within the FibreAlliance to help their customers deploy and manage effective, interoperable, enterprise-class SANs.

During is first year as an organized coalition, the FibreAlliance has reached significant milestones. For example, the group completed initial work to define common methods for ensuring the interoperability of SAN device management software tools. It submitted the results of this work to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for standardization. Further, several FiberAlliance member companies are already shipping products that support the interoperability specification developed by the FibreAlliance.

"As data continues to grow at phenomenal rates, the ability to manage it and leverage processing and information resources presents significant challenges," said Don Swatik, Vice President of Product Management at EMC Corporation, which sponsors the FibreAlliance. "Membership in the FibreAlliance signifies a vendor's commitment to accelerate the broad availability of open, heterogeneous storage networks. Already, the innovative technology developed by the members of the FibreAlliance is making it simpler and increasingly effective for customers to design, deploy and manage enterprise SANs."

FibreAlliance Membership Momentum

With the addition of the following eight companies, the FibreAlliance membership continues to grow and expand in business scope. The new FibreAlliance members include:

Chaparral Network Storage of Longmont, Colorado, develops storage networking solutions for data-intensive, enterprise applications. Chaparral's mission is to enable connectivity of high-performance storage subsystems into the dynamic environment of enterprise-wide storage networks.

Integrix, Inc. , of Newbury Park, California, designs and manufactures the IQstor family of RAID and JBOD storage systems, which are platform independent, support industry standard disk drives and offer unbeatable price and performance. Integrix also offers a full line of UltraSPARC rackmount servers and workstations.

Finisar , of Sunnyvale, California, develops and manufactures gigabit-rate fiber optic systems and components for high-speed serial data communications. Finisar's fiber optic systems include GBIC transceivers, optical multiplexers and link extenders, protocol analyzers, and data generators for Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel networks.

JMR Electronics , of Chatsworth, California, manufactures intelligent enclosures for computer peripheral devices, including customized enclosures for RAID and CD-ROM storage, Fibre Channel rackmounts and towers, and a complete series of rack arrays and industry-standard 19-inch electronic cabinets.

KOM Networks, of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is a leader in the design, development and marketing of software solutions for mass storage and enterprise-wide storage management applications. KOM develops products for optical/DVD jukebox storage management, network back-up and storage management\solution devices for Windows NT, UNIX and VMS platforms.

Little Mountain Group , of Auburn, California, develops standards-based technology for high-speed connectivity and SANs. LMG's current developments focus on providing Fibre Channel technology and will evolve to new SAN technologies as SANs themselves emerge.

StoreAge Networking Technologies Ltd. , of Haifa, Israel, develops Distributed Enterprise Storage (DES) solutions consisting of multiple SAN controllers, each running a hierarchy of SAN management software modules. Its products feature storage pooling, virtualization across the entire SAN, and value-added LAN-free host-independent storage applications.

VMIC , of Huntsville, Alabama, supplies the SAN industry with advanced, cost-effective Fiber Channel host bus adapter products for servers, workstations, and embedded computers. Applications for the technology include data warehousing, clustering, remote backup, near online storage, video editing and computer-aided design (CAD), JBOD, RAID and computer-to computer links.

Progress Toward SAN Management Standards

As storage networks grow in size and popularity, so grows the diversity of vendor equipment - such as host and storage systems, switches, hubs, routers and adapters – deployed across a typical storage network. The large number of devices that can exist in a multivendor SAN makes its management complex. One of the major goals of the FibreAlliance is to design and deploy an SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) based Fiber Channel Management Information Base (MIB. A MIB is a group of parameters or variables, whose values define and describe the status of a network and its components. The Fibre Channel management Integration MIB provides a common method of managing multiple devices across heterogeneous storage network.

Phase I of the MIB, completed in mid-1999 and today implemented in the products of many FibreAlliance members, provides system-level information. The FibreAlliance has further agreed on a common method for a network management station (NMS) to launch third-party management applications on the devices by accessing those devices over a common OP-Based infrastructure. This method enables those devices to obtain information from their connected devices for retrieval by the NMS.

Phase II of the MIB, also complete, adds the ability to gather topology information directly from the devices (without going through SNMP scans), device port statistics, and heat and other environmental changes to which the SAN is exposed. Phase III will add greater versatility and improved capabilities.

The ability of a storage administrator to display a useful graphic representation of the entire storage network provides an invaluable tool for maximizing efficiency and quickly troubleshooting problems. Maximum reliability and minimum downtime translate to enhanced information access when and where it is needed.

Currently, the MIB is proceeding through the review process of the IETF, the governing body authorized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for SNMP-based MIB standards.

The Fiber Channel Management Integration MIB can be viewed at www.ietf.org.

The companies of the FibreAlliance include Agilent, Ancor*, American Power Conversion, ATTO*, BMC, Cambex, Chaparral Network Storage, CNT, Crossroads*, Datametrics Systems, EMC*, Emulex*, Exabyte, Finisar, Gadzoox*, Heroix, Hewlett-Packard, INRANGE Technologies, Interphase, JMR Electronics, IBM NUMA-Q, JNI, KOM Networks, Little Mountain Group, Legato, McDATA*, mercury Computer Systems Pathlight Technology*, Prisa Networks, Qlogic, SAN Valley, Siemens, SmartSAN Systems, SOFTWORKS, Sterling Software, StorageNetworks, StoreAge, Veritas, Vixel*, and VMIC

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*Companies currently or soon shipping FibreAlliance MIB-compliant products

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