R & D News

by Peter Welch


The RDIMS research and development team is currently developing a proof of concept implementation that will provide auto-classification for e-mail messages and documents within RDIMS. The implementation plan includes the following requirements:

  • Profiling (and auto-classification) of single and multiple e-mail messages from a users’ mailbox;
  • Auto-profiling functionality;
  • Summarization of e-mail messages;
  • A certainty threshold for auto-classification; and The ability for the auto-classification engine to “self-train” itself using real data from an RDIMS client.

Future requirements of the proof of concept may include:

  • Application integration: Saving a file within a native application would result in auto-classification;
  • Directory monitoring: A directory would be monitored for documents satisfying a specified criteria and these documents would be profiled (auto-classified) without user intervention;
  • Windows Explorer DM Extension: The ability to drag and drop files into the DM auto-classification;
  • Microsoft Outlook DM Extension: The ability to drag and drop e-mails into the DM auto-classification.

The auto-classification technology is provided by AmikaNow! Corporation (www.amikanow.com).

Technical Evaluations

The R & D team has also performed a few initial product evaluations recently, including:

  • KwikTag™ from ImageTag is a digital filingplatform that provides turnkey imaging solutions for departmental and enterprise needs, and paperon-ramps to other software applications. The KwikTag product provides hooks for integration with document management systems.
  • KOMWorx Data Manager™ by KOM Networks Inc. provides storage resource management, policy-driven data storage and migration and patented data protection technology. KOMWorx creates a virtual volume from aggregated host, LAN and SAN storage devices – a third party application “sees” the virtual volume and is unaware of the type or number of physical devices in use. The KOMWorx product might complement RDIMS through the use of its policy engine to automatically archive documents at the end of a retention period or to route documents with a security classification greater than Protected A to a secure network.
  • Authentica Inc. provides secure document sharing capabilities with its MailRecall, PageRecall, NetRecall and Content Security Server products. Authentica products are being evaluated against the RDIMS security requirements.
  • AirZipTMFileSECURE is a product that providespersistent protection for multiple document types and lets the owner of the document determine who can view, print, copy or control files anytime or anywhere. FileSECURE is being evaluated against the RDIMS security requirements.
  • Chrysalis-ITSTMLuna SIM is a product that provides a secure, high-volume cryptographic key management solution. Luna SIM is being evaluated against the RDIMS security requirements.

Source: RDIMS

What Our Clients Say

  • KOMpliance provides us with functionality that wasn’t available before. We no longer have to worry about meeting different regulatory requirements for different types of studies or patients.

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