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by Plesman Staff

Verbatim ships ADF flatbed scanner with storage, database capabilities

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Verbatim Corp., a Mitsubishi Chemical company, has unveiled its SS600 Storage Scanner, a turnkey document imaging system consisting of a high-speed ADF flatbed scanner and removable optical storage, as well as indexing, optical character recognition and database capabilities. It is available with either a 650-MB CD-Rewritable drive or 640-MB 3.5-inch magneto-optical drive.

The scanner is designed to provide photo color for scanning of both images and documents in a single session, offering 300 by 600 dpi resolutions. The document feeder can scan up to 50 sheets unattended.

Each removable disk stores up to 2,780 full-screen, full-color images and more than 55,500 pages of text. Buffer sizes are 1MB for the CD-R version and 2MB for the magneto-optical version.

OptiDoc document imaging software comes bundled with the system. Compatible with Windows 95 and NT, it incorporates Caere OCR technology for indexing and retrieval. The ODBC-compliant SQL database technology is from Sybase.

With a suggested retail price of $3,499 (U.S.), the SS600 document scanning, storage and management system is available for immediate delivery. The Macintosh version has a suggested list price of $2,199 (U.S.) and includes the scanner, CD-RW or MO drive and media, Dominion OCR software and a SCSI cable.

Verbatim; (800) 233-1704; Fax: (704) 547-6609; Web Site:

Partition caching, graphical icons highlight KOM OptiStorm 3.0 for NT

KANATA, Ont. — KOM Inc. has released OptiStorm 3.0, an optical jukebox management application designed for Windows NT. Version 3.0 incorporates partition caching, large graphical icons, a Windows Explorer look-and-feel and a raw access capability for the SDK/API.

The KOM optical storage management software is integrated at the device drive level, making it 100 per cent WinNT File System compliant. It supports all major brands of 3.5-, 5.25-, 12- and 14-inch optical rewritable and ablative write-once, read-many (WORM) for jukeboxes and standalone drives. Standard network access is provided from all clients including PC, Mac, Unix and PowerMac.

KOM; Phone: (888) 5KOMINC; Web Site:

CA File Jockey 2.0 provides online access to optical jukeboxes

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — Computer Associates Canada Ltd. has added File Jockey 2.0, to its Optical Storage line.

File Jockey 2.0 provides on-line access to and management of optical jukeboxes using magneto-optical, phase-change or WORM media on Intel or DEC Alpha servers running Windows NT 4.0.

File Jockey makes the entire jukebox appear as a single drive while displaying data on each side of the media as folders or directories. Any media in the jukebox can be mapped to a single drive letter. A new graphical user interface provides an at-a-glance view of the entire jukebox, displaying shelves, changers and volume information.

File Jockey is a member of CA's ARCserve line of storage management solutions. Pricing for File Jockey 2.0 starts at $3,995 (U.S.) with upgrades available from $995 (U.S.).

CA; (800) 243-9462; Web Site:

Union sets sight on content creation market

MILPITAS, Calif. — Quantum Corp. and ATTO Technology Inc. have formed a strategic storage alliance under which the companies will provide compatible storage products featuring the Ultra2 SCSI low voltage differential (LVD) interface. The solutions are aimed specifically at the digital video, three-dimensional and content creation markets.

The program consists of ongoing engineering collaboration to ensure compatibility between Quantum hard drives and ATTO host adapters, as well as co-marketing efforts.

The first initiative is the development of The Ultra2 Solution, representing a complete Ultra2 SCSI LVD drive/adapter tandem. The solution joins the Quantum Atlas III and Quantum Viking II hard drives with ATTO's ExpressPCI Ultra2/WIDE SCSI host adapter.

The Atlas II offers an 18.2-GB capacity while the Viking II offers 9.1 GB. The ExpressPCI host adapters are 32-bit devices designed to optimize I/O performance in media-rich applications.

Quantum; Phone: (408) 894-4000; Web Site:

Rackmount enclosure suited for process control

VISTA, Calif. — SBS Micro Alliance has introduced a rackmount workstation enclosure with a built-in 14-inch color CRT display, ISA or PCI/ISA dual bus passive backplane, up to three drive bays and CE certification. The Model 814SW is equipped with a NEMA 12 front panel making it suitable for factory automation, process control and shipboard data collection applications.

Priced from $2,995 (U.S.), the unit has a seven-slot ISA passive backplane but can also accommodate PCI/ISA backplanes with two or three PCI slots. The enclosure also contains a 300-watt, 115/230 VAC power supply.

The Model 814SW's rugged all-metal enclosure provides EMI/RFI shielding and line transient protection. A card hold-down bracket adds to its shock dampening attributes.

SBS Micro Alliance; Phone: (760) 598-1900; Fax: (760) 598-1990; E-mail:

Smart Number designed to speed up transactions

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — First Wave Inc. has developed a smart numbering system that works multiple lines at once, categorizing consumers by individual needs and even paging a service representative if necessary. Known primarily for its interactive information kiosks, the company has announced Smart Number, a multimedia computer designed to improve customer service and reduce transaction processing times. The base price is $10,900 (U.S.) or $286 (U.S.) per month on a four-year lease.

Customers touch a full-color screen to begin the process. After indicating the transaction they need to perform, they are given a letter and number combination, such as G15 for "general" transaction or L5 for "loan" application.

Next, customers receive a checklist and any forms applicable to the transaction. Then a computer inside the unit picks up the telephone and pages the appropriate representative. Pages can go out over the public address system or to beepers. The system also includes touch-by-touch usage tracking which links to various databases and spreadsheets.

First Wave; Phone: (888) 221-5498; Web Site:

Wyse ships four Winterm 2000 Windows terminals

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Wyse Technology Inc. has added four variants to its Winterm 2000 series of Windows-based terminals (WBTs).

The 2310SE modular WBT, which can be either a desktop or mounted on a wall, is aimed at users who need to save space or cut costs with a thin client. The 2510SE and 2710SE, which are available with 14- or 15-inch monitors, have only one on-off switch and fewer cables. The 2610SE, which includes a 12.1-inch diagonal SVGA active-matrix liquid crystal display (LCD), has an optional touchscreen feature.

The Winterm is touted as a cost-effective way of delivering Windows applications and Internet access to the desktop.

Wyse; (800) GET-WYSE; Web Site:

Shelf-Elf computer gives shoppers access to data

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — To help retailers get product knowledge out to the sales floor without requiring additional personnel, First Wave Inc. has unveiled Shelf-Elf, a shelf-mounted multimedia computer.

The unit is intended to be displayed directly on a shelf next to merchandise to provide information on models, brands or lines. Using touchscreen technology, it guides consumers just as a well-informed sales representative would.

The Shelf-Elf's rugged powder-coated steel enclosure provides security while an adjustable LCD screen allows the system to be located at various locations and height levels. It includes touch-by-touch usage tracking which links to Windows and Macintosh databases as well as spreadsheets so resulting demographic information can be used for marketing purposes.

First Wave offers a purchase option as well as one-, two- and three-year lease plans which start at $160 (U.S.) per month.

First Wave; Phone: (888) 221-5498; Web Site:


Universal Switch ships with On Screen Display

AURORA, Ohio — Network Technologies Inc. has added On Screen Display to its Universal Switch Series. The keyboard-video-mouse switches allow one users to command up to 128 computers regardless of platform. With the On Screen Display (OSD) feature, network managers can create names to organize and quickly locate specific servers.

The OSD appears directly on a user's monitor so all SCAN, BROADCAST and COMMAND functions can be viewed and controlled directly with the keyboard. The switch can be rack-mounted and contained in a cabinet system away from the control point.

The ST-8U-OSD (eight-port Universal Switch) is housed in a plastic case and powered by 110 or 220 VAC. It retails for $1,150 (U.S.) with adapter cables ranging from $6 to $35 (U.S.).

Network Technologies; Phone: (330) 562-7070 or (800) 742-8324; Fax: (330) 562-1999.

Eicon host access app includes SNA gateways

MONTREAL — Eicon Technology Corp. has announced an international version of Aviva 800, its SNA host access solution for Windows NT and Windows 95. Aviva offers a wide range of host connectivity options such as SNA gateways, TN servers and direct SNA connections. Its three-dimensional view technology lets users apply a GUI to host applications without writing a single line of code.

Other features of the Aviva include: TCP/IP support; automation of repetitive tasks; flexible connectivity; automated rollout from a centralized location; and SNA-to-HTML conversion through tight integration with Microsoft's Active Server pages technology.

Eicon; Phone: (514) 745-550; Fax: (514) 745-5588; Web Site:

HSSI converters connect dissimilar interfaces

GAITHERSBURG, Md. — The Patton Model 2040 Series of high-speed serial interface (HSSI) converters allow a device with a HSSI port to connect directly to a device with a V.35, X.21 or RS-530 port. Developed by Patton Electronics Co., the series supports synchronous data rates up to 10 Mbps and is used to interconnect bridges, routers, switches, CSU/DSUs and other components with dissimilar interfaces.

The Patton Model 2040 is transparent to protocol and passes all data signals, control signals and HSSI clocking paths except smooth to gapped clock. Both local line and remote line loopbacks are supported. The three models in the series are offered in two versions: one converts a HSSI DTE to a V.35, X.21 or RS-530 DCE; the other converts a HSSI DCE to a V.35, X.21 or RS-530 DTE. The 2040 converts HSSI to V.35; the 2041 converts HSSI to X.21; and, the 2042 converts HSSI to RS-530. The converters are priced at $895 (U.S.) each with the 2040 shipping now, and the 2041 and 2042 slated to ship in second quarter 1998.

Patton; Phone: (301) 975-1000; Fax: (301) 869-9293; Web Site:

SOHOware Network Fast has 100 Mbps LAN port

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — NDC Communications Inc. has launched SOHOware Network Fast, a 100-Mbps Fast Ethernet starter kit for the small office/home office (SOHO) market. The product joins the company's SOHOware Fast Ethernet product line designed for network users who need increased bandwidth.

The kit offers everything needed to build a basic Fast Ethernet SOHO local-area network. It consists of: a single 100-Mbps five-port, low-powered, mini-wiring hub; two 10/100 auto-sensing PCI Fast Ethernet network interface cards; and, two 25-foot long unshielded twisted pair (UTP) category 5 network cables.

SOHOware Network Fast carries a U.S. list price of $299. The five-port NDC SOHOware Fast hub lists at $245 (U.S.). Beginning in March, the products are available at select retailers and through mail order catalogue.

NDC; Phone: (800) 632-1118; Web Site:


Smile ships CA6919SL 19-inch monitor

COSTA MESA, Calif. — Smile International Inc. has announced a 19-inch model — the CA6919SL — to it's computer display line.

Features include on-screen display adjustment memory modes; high-definition 0.26-millimetre dot pitch display; overscan capability; and plug-and-play setup.

The CA6919SL offers a 1,600 by 1,280 non-interlaced resolution. It uses a 19-inch non-glare, flat-square tube to present an 18-inch viewable screen area. Horizontal scan frequencies of 30 to 95 kHz allow vertical refresh rates of 50 to 150 Hz.

Manufacturer's suggested retail price is $899 (U.S.). Power and video cables, user's manual and tilt/swivel base are included.

Smile; Phone: (800) U-SMILE-2; E-mail:

Image preview possible with DX-7 digital camera

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — The Fujifilm DX-7 digital camera from Fuji Photo Film Canada Inc. features a set of imaging features intended to enrich picture taking.

Users can screen an image by capturing the subject of their snapshot in the Optical Viewfinder and previewing the image on a built-in 1.8-inch color screen.

The camera features sharp picture quality with a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels offering 24-bit color. It comes with four AA batteries and gives users the option of turning off the LCD monitor to conserve battery life.

Using the camera's Function Dial, users can choose the setup icon for one-touch on-screen programming which allows them to select the flash mode, set the resolution, determine image sharpness and set the time and date. A removable two-MB SmartMedia card stores up to 30 images for transfer to a PC or Macintosh. Also included is PictureWorks PhotoEnhancer image editing software.

The camera measures 1.8 by 2.8 by five inches and weighs 8.8 ounces without batteries. It has a suggested list price of $749.

Fuji; Web Site:

Tri-M NAND flash disk compatible with IDE/ATA

COQUITLAM, B.C. — Tri-M Systems Inc. has announced the IDE-2000 Flash Disk, an addition to its NAND line of flash-based products.

The IDE-2000 interfaces directly with the IDE X86 architecture and provides full IDE/ATA compatibility in two small form factors: 1.3 and 1.8-inch drives in storage capacities from four to 128 MB.

The IDE-2000 Flash Disk is designed for harsh industrial, commercial or military environments.

Now shipping, it features low power consumption with auto power management; one million MTBF power on, without maintenance; a two-KB dual-port SRAM data buffer; up to eight Mbps data write; and, up to 20 Mbps data read.

Quantity one pricing for the four Mb drive is $156 and the 128-Mb version is $1,995. OEM quantity pricing is also available.

Tri-M; Phone: (800) 556-5600; Web Site:

Teknor bridge backplane has 12 expansion slots

BOISBRIAND, Que. — Teknor Industrial Computers Inc. has released the PCI-972, a PCI-ISA Industrial Bridge Backplane with 12 expansion slots. Designed for OEMs and system integrators, it features six 32-bit PCI slots, one dedicated 32-bit PCI-ISA CPU slot and six ISA slots.

Each PCI slot provides Bus Mastering capability with the added benefit of a user-configurable Bus Mastering scheme on the primary PCI bus.

All required connectors for LEDs, keyboard, speaker and a reset are also included.

The PCI-972 has overall dimensions of 12.3 by 10.1 inches with mounting holes compatible with many enclosures. Now shipping, single unit pricing is $400 (U.S.).

Teknor; Phone: (514) 437-5682 or (800) 354-4223; Fax: (514) 437-8053; Web Site:

Worthington launches wireless bar-code reader

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — A two-way radio frequency laser bar code reader — the LZ202-RF Laser Scanner — has been launched by Worthington Data Solutions Inc.

Transmitting scanned data to base stations up to 100 feet away, the scanners operate licence free at 49 MHz in the U.S. and Canada. The base stations attach as a second keyboard on PC, Mac or any RS-232/422 serial device.

The devices are plug-and-play; no software is required. Any program which accepts keyboard input can accept the RF scanner data. Up to eight RF Laser Scanners can communicate with one base station using collision detection and retry logic.

A complete scanning system including base station, cable and scanner starts at $1,650 (U.S.). Each additional laser scanner is $1,225 (U.S.).

Worthington; Phone: (408) 458-9938; Fax: (408) 458-9964; E-mail:

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