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by Plesman Staff

OptiBac provides direct backup

KANATA, Ont. — Kom Inc. has launched OptiBac 1.5, a network backup software for optical storage mediums.

OptiBac 1.5 features automatic scheduling, so users can schedule daily, weekly or monthly backups with full, incremental or differential backup choices. Users can customize their backup to suit the needs of the network administrator, with options such as backup by date, filter, size, event log or verify after backup.

As well, OptiBac 1.5 can verify source file and the backup file before restoration, which bypasses the backup manager and provides direct network backup. The software performs a backup from disk to disk, and allows users to select any file, directory or backup group to be restored to the destination of choice.

OptiBac 1.5 is priced at $1,000 for the network version.

Contact: Kom Inc.; Phone: (888)5KOMINC; Internet:

ToolCrib Manager tracks tools

MILWAUKEE — Brady USA Inc. has introduced BradyTraxx ToolCrib Manager, a tool tracking software program the company says is designed for manufacturing plants, industrial shops, contractors and rental facilities investing heavily in annual tool replacement.

ToolCrib Manager is a PC-based computerized tracking system that identifies, tracks and manages tools or consumable items. The software's built-in printing capabilities allows users to give each item to be tracked an identifying bar code label. ToolCrib Manager's pull-down menus can create a record of who has what, how much of it they have, and where it is located.

ToolCrib Manager's main menu divides information use and retrieval into several categories, including check-out and check-in, receipts, reports, inventory viewing and bar code labels.

Another feature of the ToolCrib Manager is the product's database which can be searched for specific sets of information with the Query Database function, which provides real-time reports including item and site history, total net value of all tools, and reorder information.

Contact: Brady USA Inc.; Phone: (800)216-8396; Internet:

Enterprise Miner offers drag-and-drop graphical interface

TORONTO — SAS Institute (Canada) Inc. has launched the production version of its data-mining software product, Enterprise Miner.

Enterprise Miner's Process Flow Diagram, a drag-and-drop graphical user interface, automates the entire data-mining process. The process includes sampling, exploring, modifying, modelling and assessing customer data.

The company says Enterprise Miner gives business technologists an alternative to constantly calling on quantitative experts or using single algorithm software.

Contact: SAS Institute (Canada) Inc.; Phone: (416)307-4603; Internet:

Imation's Media Manager 1.5 supports ODBC protocol

SEATTLE — Imation Publishing Software Corp. has announced Imation Media Manager 1.5 for Windows NT servers.

Media Manager 1.5 provides support for Adobe Portable Document Format, Scitex Continuous Tone and Desktop Color Separation file formats, in addition to its compatibility with other formats used in print, multimedia and Internet publishing.

As well, Media Manager 1.5 supports the Microsoft Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) protocol, enabling users to integrate the software with Mac OS, Window and Unix ODBC-compliant database engines, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase and Oracle. Client software runs on Mac OS, Windows 95 and Windows NT operating systems.

Suggested retail prices start at US$5,995 for the Media Manager Workgroup Edition, and US$15,495 for the Enterprise Edition.

Contact: Imation Publishing Software Corp.; Phone: (206)689-6736; Internet:

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