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MO/DVD/CD Jukebox Management Software

KOM NETWORKS develops best-of-breed software products to protect, store and manage data, of all types and KPM amounts, including mission-critical data. The software solutions are designed to operate natively on numerous systems and platforms. It's first block-level virtualization product was introduced in 1983.

KOMWORX™ is a powerful and versatile product that brings file level virtualization to data storage administration. This unique tool enables data administrators to pool heterogeneous hard disk storage devices (including RAID, JBODs, Flash and Solid-state) into a single storage entity which can be centrally managed. The beauty of this approach is that you always know where your data is and can readily access it. With KOMWORX™, any number of flexible policies can be set to seamlessly migrate files between storage devices. KOMWORX™ not only maximizes the efficiency of your data storage but also your return on investment for new and existing technologies. KOMWORX™ operates in both Windows NT and Windows 2000 environments.

OPTIWORX™ provides file level storage virtualization for optical storage devices including Magneto-Optical, Ablative WORM, DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM and CD-ROM. OPTIWORX™'s features and functionality are consistent with those found in KOMWORX™. This means that you can pool optical storage devices into a common storage entity known as a Virtual Volume. As well, file migration policies can be implemented to seamlessly move files between storage devices. OPTIWORX™ operates in both Windows NT and Windows 2000 environments.

Nearline and Archival Storage
OPTISTORM™ is a proven and extremely cost effective optical storage software tool which readily integrates into your current storage environment and ensures that your data is always accessible, secure, and fully portable. OPTISTORM™ is designed for both Windows NT and Windows 2000 environments.

OPTISERVER® for UNIX operates in HP-UX, Sun Solaris and Tru64 UNIX environments. This software allows administrators to utilize the "already familiar" system commands and security features of the UNIX operating system. Like OPTISTORM™, OPTISERVER® is technology, vendor and device neutral and ensures that your data is always accessible, secure and fully portable.

OPTISERVER® for OpenVMS is designed for all versions of Alpha and VAX OpenVMS environments. Like its OPTISERVER® for UNIX counterpart, OPTISERVER® for OpenVMS is technology, device and vendor neutral, and features native file system commands and security.

Data Protection
SHIELDWORX™ provides complete data protection for hard disk drives of all sizes. With this low cost solution you never have to worry about files being accidentally deleted or overwritten. Unlike anti-virus and security software on the market today, which may leave you susceptible to hackers and computer viruses, SHIELDWORX™ totally secures your files. Anyone who owns a PC will find this product invaluable.

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What Our Clients Say

  • KOMpliance provides us with functionality that wasn’t available before. We no longer have to worry about meeting different regulatory requirements for different types of studies or patients.

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