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Hewlett-Packard Company is a leading global provider of computing and imaging solutions and services. HP is focused on making their technology and its benefits accessible to all. HP is one of the world's largest providers of integrated management solutions for service providers, the electronic enterprise, and the mid-sized enterprise. HP-UX is HP's implementation of the UNIXTM operating system for HP 9000 and HP Integrity systems. HP-UX supports processors of different performance levels, high levels of multiprocessing, and virtually unlimited amount of memory resource capability, achieving superior levels of performance scalability.


Increasingly strict legal regulations in all industries, across the globe, are mandating data privacy and comprehensive record retention policies from any business trying to stay competitive. To meet this need, KOM Software offers a software-defined secure storage solution based on KOMpliance, HP ProLiant servers, and HP MSA storage products.

The KOMpliance solution was designed for increased flexibility and can be added to MSAs or combined with existing HP storage solutions. When bundled with MSAs, companies can pick and choose the connectivity that meets their requirements. KOMpliance is deployed as a network file server, delivering full transparency and integrating easily with existing features of Microsoft® Windows®, storage devices and common communication protocols to ensure reduced impact on existing applications and processes.

Business Value

The joint solution offers flexible configurations that enable businesses to purchase new storage capacity or allocate a secure archive repository from existing storage resources. The solution supports a wide range of configurations for small, medium and large enterprises along with a wide range of storage capacities from several GBs to Petabytes.

The KOMpliance solution works in both physical and virtual environments. As a full-featured storage solution, KOMpliance creates a universal secure archive repository on standard storage subsystems.

KOMpliance helps companies enact a formal, organized approach toward storage management that improves business process efficiency, lowers TCO and ultimately reduces regulatory risk and business liability.

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